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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (III).

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While this may sound absurd to you, it is real. Particularly, citizens of nations such as the U.S, and the U.K. are particularly vulnerable. For some people, these are legitimate and sought-after targets.

Thus, travellers visiting a high-risk area should, as a first measure, contact the nearest consular or diplomatic office of their country or even friendly countries and advice them on their intentions and schedules.

Under no circumstances you, as a foreign traveller, should attempt to move secretly, attempt to cross borders covertly or make flagrant movements that break local laws, because there will be little or no help if something goes wrong, and being a foreigner under such circumstances is not exactly a bonus.

Another factor which may seem bizarre but is very real is your passport: some countries have terrible conflicts with others, and if a migration or police officer of one of these finds a visa or arrival stamp or seal that corresponds to their fiends, you would be headed towards some serious trouble.

For example, if you first go to Israel and sometime after to Iraq, you may find yourself arrested at the airport. In is better to have a duplicate passport to deal with these cases, and to gather some information before travelling.

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