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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (V).

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Riots may entail a variable degree of violence. This way of fighting a stronger adversary constitutes always the first step of escalation; This does not mean that necessarily, all demonstrations or protests will develop into a major conflagration, but it does mean that riots are the first step of all significant unconventional conflicts.

If the situation that causes those riots is sufficiently serious, they may act as the last drop that triggers a reaction much bigger and dangerous. The history of our world is filled with examples of civil wars which started with common demonstrations or riots, such as the demonstration among the fishing industry that started Lebanon's civil war, in 1975, the miners' strikes that triggered the Spanish civil war, and the anti-government demonstrations that meant the beginning of the end for Ceausecu in Romania, 1989.

Surviving those events is directly related to the distance between you and the source of trouble. Stay away from those demonstrations unless you have a direct interest in watching them (journalism) or are directly involved. Don't stay in the area just lo look.

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