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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (VI).

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Guerrilla is not the same as terrorism. Guerrilla is a legitimate way of fighting, according to international laws, and guerrilla fighters, under certain circumstances, enjoy the coverage of the Geneva Convention: The guerrilla army should have international recognition as such; some of these unconventional armies even have ambassadors and representatives appointed to foreign governments. They must have legitimate leaders selected by valid and recognisable mechanisms The members of the force should be unequivocally identified with their own uniforms and insignia. They must respect international law and war conventions, and respect human rights among civilians and prisoners.

Guerrilla forces generally divide their actions into three stages: Preliminary: at this stage, they make probing attacks on lightly armed or defended installations, such as police offices, border posts, etc. Secondary: the guerrilla armies seek to confront government forces directly. Tertiary: the rebels attempt to grab political power or seek a negotiated settlement.

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