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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (X).

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This is a characteristic of states or organisations with a high degree of dominance over a given land or terrain.

Repressive forces are generally state-sanctioned institutions, such as the police or army, but there have been cases of paramilitary or cover-action groups acting in behalf of governments and doing this job. Needless to say, when this occurs, abuses abound.

Moreover, abuses of human rights and braches in the law, arbitrary detentions and the like are common even among official forces only if because some of their members may be seeking some sort of revenge, given the fact that security forces, police institutions and armies are always the target of unconventional warfare participants.

Governments try, for the most part, to limit the scope of repressive actions and the powers with which their functionaries are endowed, in order to prevent such abuses, but it is not always possible to do so and sometimes it is possible to witness gross abuses which, indeed, are against the state's interest because of the bad public opinion that they entail:

A couple of years ago I was President of a medium-sized biochemical company and had an employee who was a doctor who studied at Tucuman's State University, in Argentina, during de late '70.

At that time and in that part of the world, what was later known as the dirty War between Argentina's armed forces and some vicious terrorist groups was just beginning.

The good doctor once told me that for no apparent reason, the terrorists put a couple of bombs inside the University's buildings, destroyed a couple of offices and classrooms, and organised some riots inside the campus.

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