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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (XI).

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Then, the riot police, but began beating everyone inside, even some victims, arrested everyone on sight, and just to punish the rebellious students, proceeded to destroy labs and glassware.

However, you should not oversimplify this matter and assume that any form of repression is bad many times, it is the only way to maintain order and safeguard the life and belongings of the general population.

Even republican and undoubtedly democratic states are faced with the dilemmas that come with riots and repression from time to time. There is usually a lot of propaganda coming from the organisers of demonstrations in order to appear as the victims (be them really victims or not) of police abuses and state repression, and this makes such undertakings quite complicated in political terms.

What is essential is that the rights of individuals are respected towards the process, even if they are arrested, but in my opinion is ridiculous to ask a policeman to respond with pleas or negotiations when someone is throwing a Molotov cocktail at him and at the same time is complaining about police brutality.

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