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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (XIII).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Pickets and barricades:

Pickets and barricades block communication channels, paths and roads with diverse objectives. Indeed, these actions are generally illegal, and can generate spontaneously or as a pre-plan action within a bigger context.

In most cases, pickets don't poise an inminent danger for the traveller, unless anti-riot or military forces are in the area.

However, it would be difficult to trespass a picket without any consequences for the traveller. If a visitor attempts to continue its journey despite existing pickets, the best alternative will alway remain to seek for alternate or secondary roads and never to confront with picketers.

When those pickets havebeen created by guerrillas or paramilitary forces, you would face different problems: they may let you pass,but only after paying some sort of 'Revolutionary tax.'

Unless these pickets or barricades were erected as some sort of 'border outposts' in order to control territory occupied by non-governmental forces, you can expect these barricades to be shrot-lived.

In most cases, goverment forces will attempt to regain control or destroy these control posts in order to open ways of communication. The consequence will almost certainly be a prolongued and frustrating negotiation or a harsh battle due to the fact that both rivals understand that they are fighting for a strategic position.

Such are the moments of higher risk for the casual traveller. It is not at all recommendableto attempt to travel through a road where such situations are unfolding: don't gamble on yourself.

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