P. Edronkin

Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (XV).

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The ambush is a characterisitc tactic of unconventional confrontations.

While the raid consist essentially in an attack over a fixed target by a mobile force, ambushes are actions taken by static forces against mobile targets.

Ambushes can be planned and prepared carefully during offensive actions. When the force that excecutes an ambush is on the defensive side, its ambushes will generally lack some preparation.

During an ambush, a mobile tarket is encircled and then destroyed or captured. A convoy of vehicles is a typical target of these actions.

Due to the fact that ambush can be planned in advance, if you find yourself under fire, that is, on the target side of the equation, you should not count on surviving by hiding because firing ranges would have been carefully studied by the attacking commanders.

This means that there will be no place to hide, and your best shot would be to counterattack directly and frontally, using the maximum firepower available.

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