P. Edronkin

Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (XVI).

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There is no other way to survive an ambush. You cannot even expect to surrender.

Forces that plan and execute an ambush are generally organised as follows: Sealing units: these block the road behind and beyond the target. They are generally equipend with machine guns and automatic weapons. Support elements: these will provide the initial firepower and cover fire for the rest of the operation. They will also secure the perimeter during the battle and will be equiped with small arms as well as heavy weapons, depending on thse size and scope of the operation. Attack and cleanup elements: these are in charge of finishing off the kill, advancing over the target and capturing prisoners, guns, ammunition, etc.

These units are generally very agressive, for they know that they will be facing a desperate adversary with no way out. Therefore, you can't expect any mercy andyour best choice would be to counteratack as vigorously as possible. If not you would be like a sitting duck.

A frontal counter aatack will certainly produce losses, but they would be less than total defeat and in any case, if your counter attack is strong enough, your enemy will become demoralise and even run, because they would not expect that a sitting duck would becoma a serious danger.

You should not wait for a long time, otherwise enemy snipers ( would sooner or later kill you.

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