P. Edronkin

Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (XIX).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Snipers operating in pairs:

For especially delicate operations, snipers usually organise themselves in couples or pairs, they establish o bservation points and wait there patiently for their victims.

These snipers will select very specific targets like highly valuable officers, specialists, pilots, etc. or may choose to kill specifically some soldiers like mortar artillerymen or those using submachine guns in order to alienate troops with this form of inexpensive psychological warfare.

Snipers operating in pairs turn themselves to keep a 24-hour guard on their potential targets. While one is looking around, the other is taking a rest.

Such snipers should operate with a lot of discretion in order to avoid detection. Frequently, their positions have no hard protection against attack, and should rely only on camouflage.

Within this tactical context, snipers usually employ sophisticated and powerful weapons, capable of delivering precise bullets at very long ranges. Their targets include mobile and static personnel, as well as their vehicles if the weapons are powerful enough.

Some rifles arecapable of seriously damaging evenlight vehicles.

Additionally, snipers in these duties may perform other duties such as intelligence gathering, act as forward air controllers and evaluate offensive actions in the area.

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