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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (XXI).

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Bombings, coloquially and in broad terms known as terrorist attacks can be performed by suicide or kamikaze attackers, or by men or women who attemptto continue the fight.

As a general rule, suicide bombers are of less practical value for their force orparty than those fighters or terrorists who intend to survive.

The idea of these attacks is to cause as much destruction as possible, and to cause fear among the population.

Generally, these attacks are carried out with bombs, but there are other warheads used in some instances, such as toxic gases, biological material (anthrax and plague are some of the most common), etc.

Such attacks are typical of terrorists for the fact that being ilegitimate means of warfare, organisations that are seeking political recongition won't risk their reputation by using such tactics.

These attacks are generally carried out agains soft targets, because usually, military or government installations are hard to access, but unsuspecting civilians require much less effort to be hit.

These attack can be pevented by the use of intelligence forces, and can be avoided, for the mostpart, by reporting to authorities anything suspicious, such as unattended luggage or cars, strange groups of people, etc.

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