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Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (XXIII).

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This can be a powerful weapon for bargaining during any unconventional confrontation, and are often use as a means of gathering money or attention.

On the side of government forces, the objective of any action regarding hostages is to save their lives and avoid further political embarrassment. Thus, negotiation takes a special place among priorities.

Unless negotiators feel that the hostages' lives may be at serious risks, they will not attempt to use force. However, if that is the case, special forces will be called to the scene and they will use extreme force to get the hostages out and the hijackers - make no mistake - preferably killed.

In these cases, no surrender and immediate elimination works best, because it diminishes potential threats in the future and political complications. Attacking operatives will shoot on sight anything suspicious, and that usually means anybody not covering up, running or making gestures towards them.

Even the collateral kill of a few hostages is considered acceptable under some circumstances, therefore, if you find yourself in such a situation, follow the indications of the attack squad by the numbers and abandon the area as soon as they tell you.

Under no circumstances attempt to block the way of these people or feel any scruples for your hijackers. They may kill you as well because a few seconds can cost the soldier's or police officer's lives.

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