P. Edronkin

Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (XXIV).

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This is an unacceptable method for intelligence gathering under most jurisdictions, but it is, nevertheless, surprisingly used by many.

Generally speaking, torture is used within the context of unconventional warfare in order to extract information that will conduct to further arrests and the elimination of operational cells or selected personnel as soon as possible.

The sinister success of torture during certain antiterrorist campaigns even works when natural instincts fail. In other words, suicide terrorist may not care about their deaths, but they will certainly mind about pain, and their captors know that.

Torture can be physical as well as psychological. Captors will begin by attempting to instil fear in the minds of their prisoners, will get to their self-esteem and will attempt to persuade them, while they are being tortured, that everything will be fine just if they cooperate, but experience tell a somewhat different story.

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