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Patagonia (III).

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The expansion of Argentina and Chile led even to Antarctica, where permanent settlements exist since 1904 at places like Marambio Island and Hope Bay. This fact naturally led to an increase in political and military tension, at times.

In both 1963 and 1978, these two countries almost went to war for a few disputed border areas, and during 1982 a major conflagration erupted between Argentina and the United Kingdom for control of the Falkands/Malvinas archipelago.

Some conspiracy theories related to politics have evolved also, like in the case of the Andinia Plan as well as the Kingdom of Araucania.

In physical and geographical terms, there are two distinct areas in Patagonia:

1)- The Patagonian plateau.

2)- The Andean district.

Tides turning on Patagonia.
The coast near Rawson, as the tides change. Tidal variations
are remarkable in the South Atlantic, and this picture gives a
good indication as to why survival is harsh in the far south.

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