Don Pablo Edronkin

Patagonia (VII).

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However, it is known that by the time that the expedition reached the area, Magellan was reading a book where a monster named 'Pathagom' was mentioned, and this entity was no one else but Grendel himself.

Some coincidences and inevitable deductions led to fear and then to the panic that usually causes a mutiny: the first condor that the Europeans ever saw was taken for Zeus's eagle, and the thousands of penguins everywhere looked disturbingly like the souls of the death in purgatory.

Now, the significant distances from civilised spots, the tragedies of sailors and travellers whose ships sunk while crossing the Le Maire Strait or Cape Horn, and the harrowing survival tales of some, have contributed to give Patagonia the undisputed title of Last Place on Earth.

Puerto Hambre (Famine Harbour), Punta Desgracia (Disgrace Point), Isla Desolación (Desolation Island), Bahía Inútil (Useless Bay), Puerto Decepción (Deception Harbour) and Bahía Buen Suceso (Good Success Bay) owe their names to the last happy moments of many, not at the hands of any army or Devil, but Nature herself.

A Russian captain whose ship set anchors once near the maximum security prison at Staten Island, in front of Tierra del Fuego seems to have written in his logbook that if he ever had a doubt about where the hell he was, after the wind began blowing, he had no doubt about the fact that he was, in fact, in Hell.

However, the most disturbing fact for children to sleep at nights like this one is - as Theorux tells us - that from the shores of Huilinco lake, in Chiloe, you can still call up on Acheron, the boatman of the netherworld, who for a few coins will cross your soul beyond the gates of last hope for the last time ever.

Tea at the Andean district.
Tea at five, Andean version. From left to right, Federico Ferrero,
Luciano Marcer, Gustavo Sakuda, David Miranda and Pablo Edronkin.
These were the constructors of the New Waldorf cabin, deep in the
Valdivian forests of Villa Puelo, in Patagonia.

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