P. Edronkin

Survival tips: making vessels for liquids and cooking (VII).

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You would need to sue your hands and demonstrate your ingenuity and artistic talent. Your clay mix should be consistent and homogeneous, and before starting to give your artwork some shape, you may need to pay attention to the mix itself. It should not be as dry as to break when you are giving shape to your pot, and it should not be as humid as to appear 'wet.'

No small poodles of water should form in the clay's surface. If this happens, mix it a little longer with your hands or add a little more clay to the mix. Indeed, you should also take away dirt and small objects from the mix.

Don't use adobe for pottery because after you place the piece in the oven, the contents such as hairs or wool will burn up and that would weaken the new pot or vessel.

If you have had no prior experience with clay, and consider yourself to be a bad artist, you can use some moulds made out of aluminium foil, for example, to give shape to your new creation. Most of such vessels are not nice, but at least useful.

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