P. Edronkin

Survival tips: making vessels for liquids and cooking (IX).

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For this task you will need an oven. You must pre-heat it to a high but stable temperature using wood or charcoal. No flames should directly touch your clay vessels.

An important thing to consider is that there should be no air bubbles inside the vessel's structure. If that is the case, they may explode, damaging whatever may also be inside the oven.

You should left your new vessel(s) inside the oven for an extended period of time. Don't open the oven's door or take the vessels out while the process is still going on. Sudden changes of temperature are not good, in most cases: several tens of thousands of cuneiform tablets made out of clay reached our times thanks to the fact that they had been baked in dozens of fires produced by wars and destruction in the Middle East.

Once you take the vessels out of the oven, let them cool down naturally. Don't force the process with water or snow.

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