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Survival tips: making vessels for liquids and cooking (X).

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You can use lacquer or paint, if you want your piece of art (and hard) work look better. It is not strictly necessary; however, if you plan to improve your primitive comfort standards, a little decoration and artwork will help a lot, not only because of aesthetic reasons, but also because the members of the survival party or group will develop a new 'hobby' and thus, become less prone to psychological problems like Intra-Specific Aggression.

There are many techniques that could be used to produce a work of art out of an ordinary clay pot or jar. Some of these require a second visit to the hot oven, in order to chemically fix the pigments used. This, however, will not be harmful for the clay used.

In Herat, Afghanistan, there is a tradition of miniature paintings made with the help of really small brushes often made out of single hairs taken from the beards of old men. You can try the same!

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