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Survival tips: combustibles (IV).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Gunpowder and explosives:

You can use these high-energy elements under certain circumstances. Gunpowder can be extracted directly from ammunition. It burns rather rapidly (gunpowder doesn't really explode, but deflagrates), but yields a lot of energy. You can use gunpowder as a fire starter, or combine it with common products such as adhesives in order to manufacture solid combustibles like Galcite or Galcic, which even burns underwater.

In order to produce Galcite, you need an equal volume of gunpowder and what is known as a contact adhesive. This kind of glue, also known as rubber adhesive or rubber glue, is used to repair shoes, wallpapers, etc. is very stick and generally of a yellowish colour.

The gunpowder should be finely grained and aluminised. That is, it should be mixed with aluminium powder, giving it a characteristic metallic aspect. This combination will increase the temperature of the deflagration in such a way that the flame will almost surely surpass 1.000 degrees Celsius.

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