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Survival tips: combustibles (V).

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The adhesive should be diluted until you achieve a medium viscosity, and should be cleared of all residues such as water, dirt, etc.

Combine with caution both elements and stir with a disposable spoon or similar tool until you obtain an homogeneous paste. Then let it dry.

After it dries, the mix will be highly incendiary but not very malleable; if you want to distribute it on small containers or packets, or apply it over any surface, do that immediately after mixing the components.

Drying takes anything between 30 minutes and a whole day, depending on various factors such as the adhesive employed, its viscosity, and environmental or weather conditions.

Galcite is a product used in rocket engineering, so it carries its own oxygen in the mix and burns without air. Therefore, you can use it underwater.

In order to produce fuses that burn underwater, you just have to fill up a cane or tube with fresh Galcic, and if you want to invigorate a campfire with it, you just have to paste the product over the logs or whatever you use.

You can also use gunpowder 'grains' from artillery ordnance. These look more like macaroni than grains, and are bigger, but burn superbly. However, don't attempt to open a shell to extract its grains unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Plastic explosives can't be included in this category because they properly explode; they neither burn nor deflagrate when properly activated, which are slower processes and more controllable processes.

These explosives are exceedingly stable and conditions for their detonation are strict in terms of the energy, temperature, voltage, etc. that has to be applied onto them, and while you can actually burn a C4 stick like a log, you would be better reserving it for other uses like defence, hunting or fishing.

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