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Survival tips: combustibles (VI).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Liquid and gas combustibles:

Fossil fuels, gas bottles, etc. Should be included in this category. It is possible to carry with you a small quantity of any of them as part of your survival gear.

The main inconvenient with these is that they often leak or evaporate due to the hard treatment given to their containers during any kind of expedition, and on the other hand, such products are unusable for more than one end, and during outdoor adventures or survival situations it is better to have as much multipurpose gear items as possible.

Alcohols are much better in this regard, because you can use them for first-aid purposes and cleansing as well (electronic equipment, for example).

However, be cautious with the kind of alcohol that you take with you: there are many variants usually with names which sound similar to those who are not chemists, but while some of them are innocuous, others are very toxic and dangerous.

Another precaution that you should consider regarding combustibles - either liquids or gas - that you would like to take along with you is that they should not be corrosive in any degree, because either if they are alkaline or acid, could well destroy your equipment or cause you significant skin burns.

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