Don Pablo Edronkin

Survival tips: combustibles (VIII).

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Some of these can be procured relatively easy, but take care if you use them.

Another interesting way to obtain combustible if you have none is to use water. Indeed, water can be used even to make bombs, and you can actually obtain Deuterium, which is a radioactive substance, from it just using homemade tools.

However neither destruction nor nuclear power are within the grasp of out interest here, so we shall see how to obtain a combustible from water.

First, you need a battery or electrical source, two cables, a pair of metal rods, a bowl, some water, two small bottles or things similar to lab test tubes, and some kind of glue.

You will obtain pure oxygen and hydrogen by a process called electrolysis, which, by means of an electrical current applied to a cathode and anode will decompose water in its two basic elements.

Of course, there is a whole physical explanation about this issue, but suffice to say that you need to place both metal rods inside the bowl with cables attached to each one of them, fill it with water until the rods are covered, and connect each cable to the battery or energy source.

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