P. Edronkin

Survival tips: combustibles (IX).

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You will soon see bubbles coming out of the electrodes; these are oxygen bubbles on one side, and hydrogen on the other. You will gather twice as much hydrogen as oxygen. Therefore, if you cover the electrodes with the inverted test tubes or a similar thing, you will be able to collect those gases for later use as combustibles. Both oxygen and hydrogen are flammable.

In order to collect the gases without trouble, before inverting the tubes fill them with water. So, after you place each tube over the corresponding electrodes, the bubbles will begin to ascend thorough the water contained inside each tube and begin replacing a given volume of it with gas.

After the tubes fill, you just have to put some kind of lid or seal on each one of them without inverting the tube again; that is, with your fingers under the water. If you do this properly, you would eventually end with bottled hydrogen and bottled oxygen.

So, if you have a solar cell to provide electric energy, or an old motor that you can turn into a generator (either a water turbine or a wind powered one), with a source of water you would have an almost unlimited source of non-contaminating fuel.

Another way to obtain gaseous fuel is to collect bubbles coming out of some swamps; these contain methane or other gases which are originated thorough the decomposition of organic matter accumulated in the bottom of lagoons, swamps and other forms of stagnated water.

The Assyrian army used to collect these gases from many different swamps for use in some sort of flamethrowers, and these fellows had the most effective military force of the antique world, so they were not kidding!

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