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Survival tips: combustibles (X).

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The main advantage of these is that they are easily transportable and neither do they evaporate nor leak. You can purchase various products of this kind, or improvise your own using homemade Napalm.

This product is in reality a weapon that has been used with devastating results. It is dropped in bombs where a fuse initiates the violent combustion of the Napalm load. The shock against the ground or a primary charge spreads the compound - already burning - and this thing then falls upon a given area like some sort of fire rain.

Napalm is also used on modern flamethrowers, so this should give you an idea bout its combustion power.

However, this stuff can be used peacefully as well; you can be sure that whenever and wherever other things fail, napalm will get your campfire burning!

Treated and used as an explosive, Napalm is devastating; however, when you spark a flame on this stuff with a match or lighter, it burs 'peacefully' and for a very long time, and if you paste it over totally wet logs, they will soon start burning too.

Moreover: you can use Napalm as your sole combustible for a convenience campfire. It doesn't smell very well, but it can boil that water that you need for your soup, even if you are in the middle of a glacier.

There are two variants of Napalm that you can prepare in your own kitchen: Phougas Napalm. Carbon Napalm.

Cooking with napalm.
Cooking with napalm: the red stuff burning over the logs is
phougas napalm. An example of extreme cooking.

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