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Survival tips: combustibles (XI).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Phougas Napalm:

To prepare this you need sawdust, liquid wax and powdered soap like the one you use on any washing machine. To prepare a quantity of Phougas, you just mix these three components together in equal quantities or volumes. The sawdust will absorb the wax, and the soap will give the final product a consistency similar to that of butter. It can be used immediately after preparation. Carbon Napalm:

This variant develops 50% more burning power than Phougas Napalm, but requires a little bit more work. Again, you need three equal parts, but you should use solid floor wax instead, the same kind of powdered soap, and carbon dust. That is, you should finely grind some coal until it becomes powder.

Now, the mixture and stirring should be done on an indirectly-heated vessel. Flames must not touch it directly. Instead, you should put the vessel over a frying pan, a piece of metal, over a heated stone or inside another vessel containing boiling water.

Take care to do this in a ventilated place or better yet, outdoors. Fumes are slightly toxic and in any case, they can ignite like gas. So, if you prepare Napalm in a closed place, you are putting your life in unnecessary danger!

Place the wax first and wait until it becomes completely liquid, and then add the other two components and stir for a couple of minutes.

Take the vessel out of the heat source and continue stirring until it begins to get colder and solidify. It will get as consistent as butter and will be completely black.

You can supplement this combustible by mixing it with finely cut pieces of fabric, or even dry wood. All these things will help you.

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