P. Edronkin

Survival tips: combustibles (XII).

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Any of these combustibles can be used to easily start a campfire or lit an oven; it takes just a teaspoon of the mix, placed under some logs, to develop a flame for ten or fifteen minutes that will certainly ignite the wood, and by pure experimentation you will find out how much Napalm your require for your trips.

Normally, with a quarter of a litre of Napalm you will have more than enough combustible for a whole 7-day trek or expedition.

Moisture does not affect it, and it doesn't deteriorate or evaporate easily: once, in the Patagonian Andes, I left two litres of Phougas stored in a cache. In that region, it rains almost every day, it is bitter cold and in general, is not a nice place to leave anything.

A year later, I passed by and used the Napalm left there inside two mineral water plastic bottles with no trouble at all.

An interesting way to use your Napalm in order to cook goes as follows: paste Napalm on the outer side of your cookware and water inside. Put a lid on its place (Napalm doesn't smell particularly well), and just lit the fire.

You will see the whole thing burning, but after the combustible has been consumed, you will have boiling water!

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