P. Edronkin

Survival tips: fires (III).

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The following chemical elements form hypergolic pairs with water:

4.1.7)- Calcium.

4.1.8)- Sodium.

4.1.9)- Potassium.

Drop some water onto a mass of any of these elements, and you will not like the result.

In other cases, the inverse may occur. Phosphorous hand grenades work in such a way: when you take off the water and the stuff enters in contact with the atmosphere, then it spontaneously explodes.

As we said, it will not be easy to take off one of the three elements that cause a fire; therefore, you may have to escape in order to survive.

Under such circumstances, you will have to proceed in order to save your life (see section 2.2.4) and secure your situation away from immediate danger.

taking into consideration the ideas and procedures from that section, escaping from immediate threats in this case means leaving the area that the fire is actually covering or will likely reach in the near future.

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