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Survival tips: fires (V).

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First of all, when you are confronted with a fire, you should rapidly evaluate your situation. It is better - if possible - to put out the flames by taking off the oxygen, the heat source or the combustible materials.

As you do that, don't forget to look for escape routes, just in case the flames could not be controlled anymore. This is particularly important during any of these five situations:

4.1.10)- When there is a lot of smoke or toxic emanations coming from the fire. Jump to the ground and stay low. Smoke will fill the upper part of the room or confined space you are in. Get out immediately; after three minutes or so you will not survive without bottled oxygen and a gas mask or respirator.

4.1.11)- When flames are advancing rapidly. In some cases, such as forest fires, flames can actually outpace a man running. Be very careful when you open doors or windows, and on roofs and stairs.

4.1.12)- When flames are near flammable or explosive items. They don't need to actually touch these things to cause a major explosion. Heat irradiated thorough the air may be enough. Don't think it twice and run away as fast as you can.

4.1.13)- If you are inside a confined space, such as in a building or vehicle. Remember that fire tends to go faster upwards rather than downwards. Don't use elevators. Protect your head and cover yourself with a blanket or poncho.

4.1.14)- If the environment is reaching the minimum temperature needed to cause a spontaneous combustion of element inside the room or space you are in. Keep an eye on things that may start smoking, such as papers, fabrics, etc.

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