P. Edronkin

Survival tips: nuclear attacks (II).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle The use of explosive nuclear devices:

Explosive nuclear devices that could be deployed during an attack will likely have different destructive powers and characteristics, which generally result in the following classification of these weapons: Nuclear starters. Tactical charges. Strategic charges.

Generally speaking, what varies from one type to another are two things: first, the destructive power and range of the warhead, and second, its portability.

Strategic warheads are usually the hardest to transport and implement. Tactical devices, on the other hand, would be used on the battlefield and thus, are generally smaller, lighter and less destructive. Small missiles, artillery shells and aircraft could act as vectors for transporting such charges.

Nuclear starters or primers - which will be mentioned in detail later - are the smallest and easiest to transport. These have the least destructive power but can be transported on a backpack and operated by one or two individuals. Thus, these are the most dangerous in terms of potential terrorist attacks.

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