P. Edronkin

Survival tips: nuclear attacks (VIII).

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Nuclear energy stations work essentially adding or taking away radioactive fuel from the reactor and thus, increasing or decreasing the heath which produces the vapour that moves the associated electrical generators.

However, if the mass is augmented, the reaction gets out of control and an explosion occurs. The mass necessary to reach this point is known as supercritical mass. It does not have to be a lot of fuel because the phenomenon depends on relative and not absolute masses; this is not a random event.

The quantity of nuclear fuel involved in an explosion will increase its power, but even a teaspoon of adequate radioisotopes would produce a fission detonation if properly treated.

Fission bombs are mechanisms which put suddenly and violently in contact two small masses of nuclear fuel. These components are normally kept apart inside the bomb, but when the detonation sequence begins, one is literally shot against the other like a bullet inside a gun. When these two components touch each other, a supercritical mass level is reached and the chain reaction begins.

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