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Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XI).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Matter annihilation devices:

This is another theoretical device that not even the most enthusiast, hard-core belligerents would use, because the destructive powers of mass annihilation reactions surpasses even the standard set by hydrogen bombs.

Such devices put in touch matter and antimatter, and that results in the mutual annihilation of those particles and anti-particles with a powerful emission of energy

Strictly speaking, matter and anti-matter clashes occur all the time, at subatomic level: gamma radiation is considered to be the result of the mutual destruction of electrons and their anti-particles, the positrons, which by some niceties of quantum mechanics appear in our universe from time to time.

Gamma radiation is very dangerous, but normally appears at a very small scale because positron production in our universe is small and random.

However, if the same process would be reproduced at a larger scale, what we would end with is with something not quite unlike the explosion of a star.

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