P. Edronkin

Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XIII).

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To perform an attack such as this one, a terrorist would just have to find a source of radioactive material such as cancer treatment centres or any other installation where radioisotopes are used as working tools.

Open societies present a number of vulnerabilities and security problems which make these hypotheses feasible. The only alternatives to enhance security are: Increasing standards for the sale and delivery of radioisotopes. The existence of efficient intelligence services. The installation of anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons near sensitive areas. An aggressive control and pursue of those groups which may attempt such attacks, with the clear objective of eliminating them both in functional as well as physical terms. Higher and stricter controls related to people, and particularly those political as well as - sadly - ethnical groups from where such terrorist appear. This does not mean racism, but better controls and a more realistic view of the problems, terrorists surge from somewhere and for a reason: the greowth of terrorist groups is not a matter of chance or an odd incident.

Indeed, such measures would cause uneasiness, but certainly the use has to be debated because increased inconveniences for a few people would be better than mass killings, and at the same time, there are civil rights and principles which should be respected. The problem is whether the peace keepers will let in peace the peaceful ones.

It is only a matter of adequate pondering of both evils, and find a manageable but reasonably safe solution.

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