Don Pablo Edronkin

Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XV).

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The emission of energy in the form of light and heath is extremely intense during a nuclear explosion. Temperatures reached during a brief period may exceed those observed inside the sun or most stars.

Caloric radiation will be detectable in a wide spectrum of frequencies, some of which are visible, others would not be observable like the human eye, like in the infrared (IR) portion of the spectrum, and others in ultraviolet (UV) frequencies.

These emissions cause burnings on unprotected skin and eyes, and momentary or permanent blindness and the spontaneous combustion of flammables and for that matter, almost anything that my become combustible, including the bodies of humans, animals, etc.

An extremely bright light is one of the first observable effects during an explosive nuclear attack, even before shock waves reach points near ground-zero.

This emission of light and heat ceases after a few seconds, albeit the effects may certainly become permanent.

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