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Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XVI).

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The effect of a nuclear explosion, taking aside radiation, is similar to that caused by a conventional device, albeit on a much larger scale. The destructive power of a nuclear device is measured as follows: Tonnes: one 'Ton' is equivalent to the energy dissipated by the explosion of 1.000 kilograms of TNT, a widely used military and industrial explosive. Kilotonnes: equivalent to one thousand tonnes. Megatonnes: equivalent to 1.000 kilotonnes.

As everything occurs in a larger scale, some phenomena that are usually hard to detect during a conventional explosion, during a nuclear attack they become more significant. For example, there are actually two 'shock waves' and a secondary, particular effect to be considered: The true shock wave, transmitted through the air. A counter wave, inverse to the initial shock wave, cause by the suction of air that originates in ground-zero. The explosion increases the temperature of the air in the zone, this heated gas raises, causing a very low pressure bubble in the atmosphere, and this, in turn, sucks violently air back to the zone above the destroyed target. An electromagnetic pulse or EMP, that destroys all electronic equipment which is not adequately protected by means such as a Faraday cage.

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