Don Pablo Edronkin

Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XXIII).

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Radiation produces numerous biological effects, very harmful for the most part, and not only for those directly exposed, but also for their offspring.

There is no antidote against radioactive poisoning. While chemical toxins are manageable, there is no feasible way to achieve a similar effect on radioactive particles.

Among the most notable effects of radiation, we may count: Skin burns. Mutations and genetic alterations. Harmful modifications of metabolic processes due to molecular alterations. Cancer and tumours.

Radiation is nothing else than a natural way for atomic nucleii to reach a physical equilibrium of their internal forces. This invariably implies the transformation of some elements into others, and during the process, energy is released.

During fission processes (, radioactive elements tend to lose mass and indulge into a decrease of their atomic number. In other words, fission means disintegration.

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