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Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XXIV).

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When the nucleus disintegrates and loses mass, it transforms itself into another, until equilibrium is reached.

Seven of these natural disintegration processes or sequences are known. These series finish all on chemical element Pb, or Lead. That is, all radioactive elements which are characterised by fission reactions transform themselves over time into Lead.

This process may last millions of years, but its speed is characteristic for each element, it is measurable, stable and precise.

This speed is measured and related to a concept called 'half-life' of an element. Half-life is the time in which an element decreases in 50% its radiation emission. That is, if an element A has an emission B at any given moment, its half life is the time span after which element A radiates a B/2 amount of energy.

This disintegration is achieved thorough the emission or liberation of alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Some methods exist to calculate what kind and in which amount radiation is emitted (

Disintegration speed can be calculated from a kinetic point of view. What is know as 'The Law of Radioactivity' establishes the disintegration speed of the nucleus. This variable, known as 'V' is directly proportional to the number of radioactive atoms present during the reaction. This number is identified as the 'n' variable.

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