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Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XXV).

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Proportionality is related to a value known as 'k', which is constant and specific, and thus, the formula that defines this relationship is: V = k * n

From this quantified law is easy to deduce that each element possess its own disintegration speed, which, in turn, explains half-life as a concept.

According to this, nuclear reactions could be classified into: Ephemeral: with a half-life on the order of nanoseconds. Radioactive: with average disintegration speeds and half-life spans. Stable: half-life in these cases is very long, usually spanning billions of years.

Fusion is a totally different reaction. In fact, is the process inverse to fission ( and the elements involved gain mass and increase their atomic numbers, transforming their atoms into completely different elements of the Mendeleiev periodic table.

It is very difficult to produce and control fusion reactions because the energies required for them to start, and the high temperatures involved make it impossible to use any materials and electromagnetic fields and such devices must be used.

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