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Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XXVII).

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Independent funding for a free lifestyle Contamination symptoms:

The most common symptoms of exposure to radiation are: Nausea, vomiting or weakness. Grey skin, burns and blisters.

The amount of radiation received by the body during the initial attack is higher than the residual amount received during the following four to seven days, and during these days that follow the attack, the body receives more radiation that during the rest of the life, even if the person lives in the area for years.

Received doses of radiation are measured in Rads or Curies, which are measuring units for this kind of phenomena.

There is no cure for radiation, and after a certain amount of exposure is surpassed, it becomes lethal, be it after a short or long period of time.

After two or three days of such levels of exposure, the persons affected will become unable to work and soon will die.

Thus, it is very important to protect yourself adequately and as soon as possible, and follow al safety rules by the numbers. There is no other way to survive in contaminated environments of such characteristics.

Radiation can be detected using various instruments, including Geiger counters and portable, passive systems. Many soldiers, for example, receive detectors that they should carry all the time, and these come in a variety of shapes, such as wristwatches and pens.

These passive instruments cannot make readings. Due to costs per unit and psychological control considerations, readings should be made using external sensors which are in the hands of control personnel, officers, etc.

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