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Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XXVIII).

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You should follow all the instructions applicable for emergencies in general (see section 2.2.4), taking into consideration the particular conditions of an environment which has been contaminated by radiation.

In this case, escaping from immediate danger does not mean that you should run away, but that you should seek cover underground. In order to increase your possibilities, you should try to prepare for these events beforehand.

Before the attack occurs, you should find or construct an underground shelter, store a reasonable amount of provisions (food, water, medicines, etc.) and cover the structure with at least 50 centimetres of earth, masonry, etc.

Even a blanket or poncho will be better than nothing, but consider that a layer of cement no less than 60 centimetres wide will stop approximately 30% of all radiation from reaching the shelter's interior.

If an attack is imminent, stay alert and inside the shelter, and continue perfecting and preparing your gear. Moreover: wear your NBC gear all the time, no exceptions.

If a detonation catches you outside a shelter or in an open space, take cover behind any solid obstacle. If you have none, jump to the ground an stay there. Don't look at the explosion because the light - very bright - may cause several injuries in your eyes, put your body, head in the direction of the blast, face to the ground, legs together and arms under your chest. Wait until the shock wave passes as well as any immediate effect.

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