P. Edronkin

Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XXIX).

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As soon as possible, look for an underground shelter, basement, cave, etc. and stay there until fallout ceases and radiation levels diminish (at least a week).

It is possible that due to EMP effects, all communications, including telephones, will be cut and electronic equipment or instrumental, fried.

Then, proceed to decontaminate your body as well as your gear. After that, clean the place taking away all specks of dirt or ashes. These carry the radiation from the explosion.

Wash with fresh and clean water all wounds, and then cover them thoroughly to prevent the action of alpha ( and beta ( radiation

Since radiation lowers all natural body defences, during such periods you should take care of all kinds of illnesses and maladies because your body will then be less apt to take care of them as compared to normal times.

Regarding food, you can trust canned products; just take care to clean the cans before you open them. Otherwise, you risk swallowing fallout, with obvious consequences.

If you have to hunt in order to survive, eat only muscles. Don't eat internal organs, skins, bones or flesh which may be found near these. Discard these parts, and don't even feed your pets or animals with them.

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