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Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XXX).

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Fresh and dairy products are usually dangerous for consumption, as well as food with a high content of salt.

Regarding water, you can trust it if it is bottled and closed. Underground streams are also reliable, but water found in open spaces should not be consumed or used for at least 72 hours after the attack.

You should not attempt to travel for at least a week in order to avoid exposing your body to harmful levels of radiation, but if you have to, even after seven days, wear your NBC gear all the time, and travel preferably in closed vehicles such as armoured personnel carriers and tanks which are prepared for such contingencies.

If you are travelling by feet or in non-hermetical vehicles of NBC standards, you should move as fast as possible, avoiding all areas where smoke is belching, dust clouds, sand storms, etc.

A different, but very important issue that you will have to deal with is the moral of the survivors. Indeed, many will suffer from hysteria, shock, depression and other psychological side-effects. In this sense, it is fundamental to: Keep your leadership capabilities at a high level (5.1). Remain aware and wait for help. Keep survivors busy. Thin and talk as less as possible about the incident. Keep an eye on the wounded, both physically and mentally. Keep under strict control all weapons. Maintain discipline and keep the spirits high (5.3).

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