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Survival tips: nuclear attacks (XXXI).

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Convenience or circumstance decontamination must begin as soon as fallout has ceased to appear in the area.

The whole body, gear, equipment, provisions and the area where survivors are ditching should be carefully cleaned. All dust must be taken out and discarded as far away as possible. Is this dust or ash - known as fallout - that comes from the nuclear detonation which carries radiation, for the most part, after an attack.

Before entering into the survival shelter prepared to deal for such contingencies, decontamination in full of those coming back must take place, preferably on a separate room.

If there is any form of external aid present, it is also likely that decontamination centres soon will be established, where vehicles and heavy equipment will be rinsed comprehensively, and people as well as all portable gear will be showered, including NBC suits, gear and respirators.

If such decontaminations units can't be deployed soon, you will have to search for a source of clean water and then take all of your clothes, clean them, as well as your gear, and after that, take a bath or shower.

Let your clothes and gear dry covered, so that they won't get contaminated again by fallout, and place special attention to all kinds of cavities and orifices, both in your gear as well as in your body. Clean them very carefully.

After cleaning yourself and your gear, you should test your body and belongings with a Geiger counter or some sort of detector. If the test for the presence of radiation is positive, you should repeat the process.

If you don't have any detector, just in case, repeat the process at least three times.

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