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The POG or 'Patrón Oro del Gea' - in Spanish is a measuring monetary unit developed by The Gea Org, the owner of Andinia.com for its financial and commercial records. In English, 'POG' would be translated as 'Gea's Gold Measuring Unit' or GGMU.

At The Gea Org and within the context of Andinia.com we don't use Pesos, Dollars or Pesetas. We use no traditional currency to measure our costs, profits and transactions for many reasons, all of which made convenient to adopt this peculiar technique.

The POG project was born in 1996. The idea was to develop a simplified accounting model for our operations in order to streamline bureaucracy and at the same time, stimulate investments and sound financial decisions by part of our members.

These goals find a sound argumentation in the fact that given the peculiarities of our profession, so to speak, when we open our wallets in order to spend money in any of our projects, we are not actually spending, but investing, because our group and the company that we have created is a producer of information, and this has a measurable value.

We have been recording our trips and the information that comes out of them for decades, but since we created Andinia.com, the production of concrete information in the shape of web pages with photographs, articles and other forms of content has increased dramatically.

This information can be appraised in its commercial value easily, like in the case of any company and any product.

Every single article that we write has a text, pictures, comments and knowledge that surges or is originated during our meetings and trips. Each webpage has banners that actually produce a profit. Therefore, every penny used in anything connected to our information is not spent but invested by us.

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