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In other words, we have turned around a situation from a typical holiday spending into an investment venture.

In order to appraise everything we do and keep some degree of control over such things, a comprehensive accounting system would be needed, but with our POG project we sought to simplify this matter as much as possible. Indeed, we have our own accounting, but in this way it is much simpler than otherwise.

On the other hand we are here in Patagonia, and it is a well-proven fact that the successive government administrations of Argentina have managed all monetary issues with a high degree of irresponsibility, and such policies have a negative, long-term and lasting effect on private finances of those who live here.

In other words, if you trust the local currency you risk ending with less than you started with thanks to exactions, new 'one time' taxes, devaluations and other consequences of bad management. Ask any argentine citizen and he or she would tell the same story. Thus, people seek other alternatives.

However, we don't just use the POG concept as a reference, but as live exchange money. These units are exchanged by our members on a daily basis, like if they were state-originated money.

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