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The rest are considered to be internal movements of capital, even if there is a transfer of property that otherwise would be taxable each time. The revenue agency gets its due part, but with much less bureaucracy.

On the other hand, the fact that every member of our group know how much capital he or she has invested implies better and sounder financial decisions. If you don't know exactly how much you have, you cant' make any good decision.

Right now, POGs are used only by Gea members and a few people who know us, but we expect a wider acceptance of this 'currency' outside this known circle since our records always show a reasonable and responsible management history.

This may sound bizarre; yes, we actually produce our own money, but doing bizarre and fringe things always works. If you stand for conformity, you are becoming dependent on others. If those others are responsible people, fine; if not, you are dead even before you realize the fact.

And the fact is that the various civil administrations of this country have managed to make our living standards to plunge: in 1950, an Argentine earned a salary which was twice as high as the average for a Spaniard. By 1973, they were roughly the same, and by 1999, Argentine wages were, on average, only 50% of those found in Spain.

If this is not economic failure, I don't know what it is, and I wonder how much patience one should have with those who repeatedly bankrupt a country burning the money you have.

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