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Nobody really trusts the Argentine Peso, and so most people prefer the US Dollar. The difference between these folks and us is that we are sort of more do-it-yourself individuals.

Of course, those who have supported our organization and our modest 'currency' also benefit from the deal: anyone who travels with us but does not belong to The Gea Organisation is indirectly helping us to produce more pictures, more articles and more information for Andinia.com, which is valuable. Thus, these individuals receive a 'payment' in POGs for their help, which they can later exchange for some services or products that we might have.

Thus, in practical terms, since participants in our trips and other activities which have to pay us nothing to come along have already incurred in other personal costs in order to join us, they can do whatever they whish with the POGs that we give them. If they want, they may lit a cigar with them, or they can save them for future exchange. We give them the chance to transform their holiday spending into holiday investment.

We have printed bills in 0,1; 0,5; 1; 5; 10; 20; 50; 100 and 1000 POG values. It is not easy at all to falsify these denominations. It just won't work and we will detect forgery. There is a discrete but strict control over them.

In this way we do not only develop our own economic policies as detached as possible from the traditional argentine mismanagement, but we are also developing a value in itself, because since not many develop their own currencies, these things will eventually become valuable collectibles.

Since Andinia.com is a fairly popular site and our capital increases whenever an appraisal increases the site's value, we cover our 'interest rates' flank in this way as well because POGs are released on actual investments of money but are related to the overall book value of the site. Therefore, if market conditions increase the site's appraised value, even if investments in hard currency are not increased, POGs increase their value.

The more people who visit Andinia.com, the more value than POGs have. In this way, whoever possesses some of them is actually making an investment without committing to anything suspicions. You just have to contribute - even indirectly - to the growth of the group while giving something useful to the public. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Moreover: our methods might seem odd, but unlike capital funds and other sources for investment which may depend on political and economic factors which you may not control, we do have control over our site and thus, over our own money-printing machine.

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