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How adding your site to may help your sales (I).

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These are some of the advantages that registering your site with will bring you:

1)- Better economy: registering your site with costs ten times less that in the case of some other search engines.

2)- Motivated web surfers: big search engines have a lot of things, but for the same reason, surfers' interest is always more diluted than in the case of specialty, vertical-market portals, directories and search engines. In other words, our audience is of higher quality.

3)- Visitors will find your site quicker, and this translates into more motivation and attention by part of the surfers that go to your site. They will be more willing to buy your products or services, or read your messages. In other owrds: more exposure, more sales.

4)- High-quality traffic: you don't need more bandwidth just to handle unmotivated or unwilling visitors. You will be able to use your resources more efficiently.

5)- Increases the relevance of your site in other search engines' databases: The special design of our database achieves just this as well.

6)- More prestige: is an acclaimed site with a lot of awards and prizes. The credibility of your own site increases with our credibility.

7)- Hand made evaluation and registration: we have human editors that handle all requests, instead of machines. Thus, we can valuate your site more objectively and in a way that no machine can. We will also send you a report.

8)- Your site will remain in our database: it will appear on our listings as long as your subscription is valid. No more fear of being deleted, just like in the case of other search engines.

9)- More reliable and stable traffic: your site won't suffer from sudden alterations because someone just changed an algorithm somewhere.

10)- You may advertise without additional charges: register your site today and get 1.000 free banner impressions.

11)- Our editors have the same background than our customers. We come from the same industry and understand you.

12)- You get visibility specifically among your market. You don't pay for what you don't need.

13)- We always use a secure server for your payments and accept all major credit and debit cards.

14)- Publish with us: you may add content to, thus obtaining more links pointing to where you want, or use our content freely.

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