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How adding your site to may help your sales (II).

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Adding your site to our database is a more efficiently and cost-effective way to advertise your site. will include your site for a year, at only U$ 1,66 per month (U$ 19,95 per year). Other portals and search engines charge as much as ten times more and don't deliver any better results for specific markets. Quality visitors are what counts, and not just a lot of hits.

Getting a thousand unique visitors per day may sound interesting, but these won't be any good for you if they don't understand your language or because they are finding your site when they are really looking for something else.

This little problem, frequently found when you register your site with the biggest search engines, entails consequences: first of all, these useless visits consume your bandwidth, and second, this consumption makes your site slower, preventing other visitors (more qualified ones) from reaching it.

Thus your image, your brand and your finances suffer. Such a policy will increase your costs over time without delivering reasonable results. What you need is to get quality visitors, and not simply more hits. Vertical-market search engines such as are the source for quality traffic that discerning webmasters always use.

Why would you pay hundreds of dollars if you can get a better audience for much less money?

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