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Our registration process is not automatic. It is performed by human editors, not by machines.

Therefore, a listing with us is more credible to third parties in terms of quality, because humans can perform analyses that are beyond the capability of any software.

On the other hand, human editors are always able to help you, and our editors who visit sites like yours, eve if they don't initially approve it, will suggest changes that you could perform in order to be accepted.

These suggestions are valuable even for your submission to other portals, directories and search engines. In other words, by submitting to us you will get not only your site listed on a quality search engine, but will also get professional advice.

On the other hand, automated systems (you should probably know already) make drop you off a database for no apparent reason. Bugs, subtle algorithm changes are the cause of many unfair deletions that take away sales and profits. Humans just don't do that.

Do you prefer to risk the odds of your business at the hands of a computer, or would you prefer to deal with a live human being?

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