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You get visibility specifically among your market:

As a vertical-market search engine, can offer advertisers a significant traffic (450.000 monthly hits), a key for real visibility where it counts, because in order to show your message to the world you will not have to sign a lot of different contracts with smaller sites.

On the other hand, in the case of most bigger search engines or directories, since their traffic is of a more general nature and of a lower quality in terms of visitors-to-sales-ratio, the price that you would pay for a similar number of visitors coming from these engines would not deliver as much.

Visitors coming from all-purpose search engines are never as selected and motivated as those coming from specialty sites. Thus, such a 'lower quality' traffic will produce distortions in your advertising budget as well as criteria that you use to promote your own site and produce sales.

In other words, to get the same results you would have to invest more. Why pay more when you can achieve the same for less?

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