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The Gea Org is the research and development department of Andinia.com and exists since 1986. At that time, this organisation began training its own explorers, which have been collecting and organising the information that you can now see online.

In order to achieve this, the 'group' as we call it, developed a series of courses divided in areas and complexity levels. Becoming an explorer is not an impossible task, but alas, it is not always easy.

The kind of knowledge required for exploration - this is what we do - is quite extensive, and you cannot learn it by means of only one course or in a short period of time. Thus, the educational system that The Gea Org has developed has been organised around the idea of a orderly process where practical experience plays an important role.

However, thanks to an increase demand from the public of Andinia.com, we have decided to open our educational system to the public in general, making available to everyone the knowledge and experience of our people.

Orienteering class.
We use various technologies to assist in our courses.

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